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Oxford MIG Welders

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Oxford I-MIG Double Pulse 270-1 230v/400v Dual Voltage MIG Welder

Product code: 8A58PLP5X1

Superior welding of Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, hard facing etc
With a history dating back over 50 years, British made Oxford welding machines are known for simple rugged build, high reliability with a long life span and excellent welding performance.  
Now we are offering all this plus new superior performance British made machines!
Oxford I-MIG DP & S-MIG DP models utilise our highly acclaimed hybrid Mitsubishi chopper technology to give precise control of the output. This technology is built around a copper wound transformer with secondary output control which makes fractional changes to the output at up to 20,000 times per second to seamlessly maintain a smooth stable arc.
The main welding benefits of our OXFORD double pulse synergic models are seen on aluminium & stainless steel, you can achieve superb near TIG quality welds with virtually no spatter. In addition the welding speed is far greater than TIG welding & the overall heat input is much lower which reduces distortion & gives you a reduced heat affected zone. For mild steel you can also achieve spatter free MIG welding using pulse which reduces any clean up time after welding. Furthermore this technology allows you to use standard MIG torches when welding aluminium  & also allows you to weld a much wider range of materials with one wire size, for instance 1.2mm aluminium wire will typically cover 2mm – 15mm material thickness range.
These models can also be used for standard MIG welding & MMA (arc) welding. On standard MIG the arc is super smooth & superior to any conventional switched transformer MIG.  On MMA welding high OCV & built in hot start guarantees fast arc up, again the arc is super smooth & all electrode types can be easily welded even cellulose types.
Main features & functions (all models compact & separate wire feed)
  • Pulse MIG welding for fast high quality spatter free welds.
  • Double pulse MIG welding for TIG like spatter free welds.
  • Standard CV MIG/MAG welding mode for all metals.
  • MMA (arc) welding of ell electrodes including 6010 etc.
  • MMA built in hot start for instant arc starting.
  • Very simple to set up & use, anyone can use it in seconds.
  • Synergic one knob control of welding power.
  • Adjustable arc length/wire to suit all users & applications.
  • Adjustable inductance to control arc characteristic on MIG & pulse.
  • Adjustable double pulse frequency for that TIG like weld!
  • Crater filling function for that perfect finish to every weld.
  • Adjustable pulse peak current.
  • Reverse polarity for running gas less self shielding wire.
  • 4 roll drive all metal system with powerful motor fitted.
  • Dual voltage to run from a 230V single phase or three phase supply.
  • Built in smooth arc start & wire pinch finish circuit with burnback.
  • Automatic compensation for varying input voltages .
  • Digital meter shows Amps/volts to allow compliance EN1090 etc.
  • Very efficient design to minimise power consumption.
  • Rugged reliable machines designed to keep welding for years & years.

The compact & separate wire feed model both have the same performance & functions

compact range  I-MIG DP  
dual voltage models     230 single phase / 400V

I-MIG 270 DP dual voltage

RRP £2580+VAT

Supply Voltage-dual 400V or 230V
Input fuse (slow type)* 16A  (25/32A on 230V)
Welding range (amps) 15-270A
Duty cycle -45% @ 235 amps
Duty cycle -60% @ 195 amps
Duty cycle -100% @ 150 amps
Mig wire range 0.6-1.2mm
Min generator size* 5.5kva
Size app (ex rear wheels) 360Wx820Lx660H
Weight approx 65kg


Oxford I-MIG Double Pulse 270-1 230v/400v Dual Voltage MIG Welder
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