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Oxford Welder Plasma Cutter

OXFORD Cutmaker Plasma Cutter 1300-3 400V ** 62mm Sever Cut , 44mm Clean Cut **

Product code: FUQK5PPUHR

OXFORD CUTMAKER 1000 & 1300 models
Cut up to 50mm on 230V 1~, Cut up to 62mm on 400V 1~
Standard models & technical information

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OXFORD Cutmaker models offer exceptional cutting performance on all metals. Our unique design gives a tightly constricted arc
minimising kerf width & maximising cut capacity & speed. This also results in a very straight clean cut with minimal dross. Even on
thick materials such as 30 or 40mm the cut will be very close to perfectly straight & with a narrow kerf. Compared with a low cost
imported plasmas the performance difference is almost unbelievable. Compared to using oxy-fuel (gas bottles) cut speed can be
more than 5 times as fast & with over 90% reduction in operating cost & a much nicer cut quality.
Unlike many plasma machines these models can also cut the very thinnest of metals with absolute precision, just fit fine cut tips &
select a low power cut from 0.5mm upwards.
Hand cutting consumables allow drag cutting making template following easy, in addition a range of extended consumables are
available giving better access for tricky jobs.
Mechanised cutting performance is exceptional, just plug in our P130M machine torch & fit the CNC interface kit & you have the
perfect machine to fit to cutting tables, fit to new CNC machines or old Burny or Westinghouse controllers, straight line cutters, robot
etc. CNC interface uses the same wiring as US made machines, start signal, OK to move contact & we also have infinitely
adjustable (non isolated) divided arc volts to suit all known control systems.
Metal marking
Our metal marking function allows fast clean marking of metals for both automated & manual use. Mark drill points, fold marks, add
your logo, date code, ID, etc. The 17-25A range is ideal for everything from 1mm material up. Unlike competitors’ products we use
standard cut consumables, so move from cutting to marking in a second!
Thermal gouging
Cutmaker 1000 & 1300 models give great gouging performance from small light jobs right up to the heaviest job. The arc stretch is
unbeatable at 75mm giving you smoother finishes & better control. Remove welds, wear plates, create weld preps, etc. Can also be
used for automated gouging with robots or Gullco carriages & tractors.
Thermal heating
A fast source of direct heat for manual use, mainly to assist with the removal of seized nuts, bearings, & light preheating jobs. This
function provides a 2.7kw output of intense instant heat far hotter than propane or butane torches produce. It’s also a more direct &
controllable heat so heats only the item you need heating & the cooling air keeps everything else at a low temperature. For instance
when removing seized nuts propane torches tend to heat the nut & bolt, Cutmaker plasmas will heat the nut & leave the bolt
relatively cool, allowing the nut to be removed quicker.
The following are typical times to heat nuts to cherry red colour. M5 – 3 secs, M6 – 5 secs, M8 – 8 secs, M10 – 14 secs, M12 – 20
secs, M16 – 28 secs.
In addition, thermal heating function is particularly good for use to bend plastic sheets & can be used for plastic welding.
PTO for further info, options & accessories
Models CUTMAKER 1000-1 CUTMAKER 1000-3 CUTMAKER 1300-3
Input voltage 230V single phase (220-240V) 400V 3 phase (380-430V) 400V 3 phase (380-430V)
Input fuse-T (slow) 63A (32A ok to 2/3rds output) 20/32A 32A
Max severance cut* 50mm 50mm 62mm
Quality clean cut up to 35mm 35mm 44mm
Pierce capacity -automated* 20mm 20mm 25mm
Output amps / power range 17A-100A@160V 17A-100A@160V 17A-130A@175V
Max cut power 16KW 16KW 23KW
Generator min for 3⁄4 power 14KVA 14KVA 17KVA
Recommended min generator 20KVA 20KVA 25KVA
Air press/flow@max capacity 5 bar 230L/min 5 bar 230L/min 5.5 bar 270L/min
Duty cycle 70A@100%, 90A@60%, 70A@100%, 90A@60%, 95A@100%, 125A@60%
Duty cycle thermal heating 60% 60% 60%
Max cut speed 6mm steel 4900mm/min 4900mm/min 6950mm/min
Max cut speed 10mm steel 2800mm/min 2800mm/min 3480mm/min
Max cut speed 15mm steel 1200mm/min 1200mm/min 1800mm/min
Max cut speed 20mm steel 820mm/min 820mm/min 1200mm/min
Max cut speed 25mm steel 560mm/min 560mm/min 780mm/min
Max cut speed 30mm steel 380mm/min 380mm/min 620mm/min
Gouging metal removal 9kg/hr 9kg/hour 13kg/hour
Thermal heating output 2.7kw 2.7kw 2.7kw
Case size mm 310Wx650Lx530H + exterior hardware. 310Wx650Lx530H+ exterior hardware. 310Wx650Lx530H + exterior h.
*Severance cut is the maximum thickness slow rough cut through mild steel. *Pierce capacity is maximum automated piercing for cutting tables
etc, for hand cutting greater pierce is possible. *Best quality cut speed is typically 10%-30% lower than maximum speed.
Performance on aluminium & stainless etc will vary a little from steel figures, aluminium is normally a little faster cut speed & stainless steel &
hardox around 15% lower cut speed.


OXFORD Cutmaker Plasma Cutter 1300-3 400V ** 62mm Sever Cut , 44mm Clean Cut **
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